What does an inclusive employee experience mean?

A diverse and inclusive culture is critical to performance, which generates better strategy, better risk management, better debates and better outcomes.

Organisations with inclusive cultures are:

Performing icon
more high performing
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more likely to be innovative
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more likely to achieve business outcomes
Inboarding - jornaa e experiência dos colaboradores


Platform and Chatbot for an excellent employee experience

  • Employees onboarding before the 1st day until 1+ year of company
  • Automate surveys on the employee journey
  • People Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to track the success of your employee
  • Good practices, templates and drops messages for a culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Integrated into the tools you already use

How we can help

You are not going to have a second chance to make a great first impression

A well-planned, structured and automated employee journey helps in many ways. New employees feel comfortable and included from the start, they become productive more quickly. Reduces turnover, engages your employees and optimizes your process.

People Analytics, pulse surveys and feedback from the employee journey, you follow, understand and improve the experience of your employees.

Integrations, team communication and chatbot


Tools to help your team create behaviour change for a culture of inclusion

The possibilities are endless when you enable conversational technologies in your app ecosystem. We use adaptive micro learning to create awareness focused on inclusion at the workplace for gender, race, culture and disability.

Channel integrations for the tools you already use

Create an unique and personalised experience for all employees